Twelfth Night Productions Apprenticeship Program

TNP is committed to encouraging young people to take an active interest in the arts and their community. To that end, we have offered a summer Apprenticeship Program focused on the business of producing theater since 2010. The program offers young people a more guided experience of our summer production, providing opportunities for mentorship in both technical and creative areas. Apprentices have learned about arts marketing, lighting design, set design and construction, as well as direction with hands-on experiences working side-by-side an experienced mentor. In 2015 we added acting apprenticeship opportunities connecting young actors with more experienced actors in lead roles. The Apprenticeship Program is committed to TNP’s fundamental ideology: creating community through the arts.
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Twelfth Night Scholar Award 2016-2017

Congratulations Jessie DirksTwelfth Night Productions is proud to announce that Sierra Stella is our 2016/2017 Twelfth Night Scholar – Thank you, Jessie, for being a shining star in our community!

Past Twelfth Night Scholar Award Winners:

Sierra Stella, 2015-2016

Garth Ball, 2014-2015

Andrea Love, 2013-2014

Danny Cords, 2012-2013

Cammy Quaife, 2011-2012

Anna Rising, 2010-2011

Rachel Codd, 2009-2010