Twelfth Night Scholar Award 2015-2016

Congratulations Sierra Stella! Twelfth Night Productions is proud to announce that Sierra Stella is our 2015/2016 Twelfth Night Scholar – Thank you, Sierra, for being a shining star in our community!

Since the beginning, my involvement with Twelfth Night Productions has pushed me to work harder, to be better, and to commit myself to whatever life brings. It has made me a better person, and means more to me than 500 words could ever express.

Past Twelfth Night Scholar Award Winners:

Garth Ball, 2014-2015

Andrea Love, 2013-2014

Danny Cords, 2012-2013

Cammy Quaife, 2011-2012

Anna Rising, 2010-2011

Rachel Codd, 2009-2010